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Swiss Chard


Happy Farmer’s Market was created to let customers get clean, wholesome, fresh foods to enable them to eat healthy and safely by knowing the farmer and their production practices!

Our team approaches each day with one goal: To bring the public community and the farming community together so each can profit, prosper, and become a united front where health and food are involved.

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The colorful, leafy green known as Swiss chard is actually a beet that was developed specifically for its edible stems and leaves, which are often used in recipes as a substitute for spinach.
One 36-g cup of cooked Swiss chard provides:
  • 18 milligrams (mg) of calcium.
  • 0.65 mg of iron.
  • 29 mg of magnesium.
  • 17 mg of phosphorus.
  • 136 mg of potassium.
  • 10.8 mg of vitamin C.
  • 110 micrograms (mcg) of vitamin A.
  • 0.68 mg of vitamin E


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