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Featuring WV Produce Grown by WV Farmers and Local Artisan Products

Happy Farmer’s Market was created to let customers get clean, wholesome, fresh foods to enable them to eat healthy and safely by knowing the farmer and their production practices!

Our team approaches each day with one goal:

To bring the public community and the farming community together so each can profit, prosper, and become a united front where health and food are involved.

Our Producers!

Sausage Raw

Cozy Country Farm

Cozy Country Farm is in the hills of Mineral County where we make it our goal to
produce natural pasture-raised lamb. We are 4th generation farmers on land passed down through those generations! We value our land and livestock. We have the same concerns that you do about the healthy food we need for our bodies. For this reason, we decided to offer you that same quality meat = wholesome, clean, no additives, no hormones, no by-products! Each year we host an “Open Barn” for you to see our sheep! Find out more about us at cozycountryfarm.com and Facebook/cozycountryfarm!

Happy Ranch Farm Draft 1

Happy Ranch Farm

Happy Ranch Farm is a local WV Veteran farm growing fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs through organic practices. We do not use any pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides. We bring fresh food to our community. We do it all by hand, from planting each seed into dirt to harvesting it for market and using it for baking.

Our animals are drug free and are outside every single day, rain, shine, and snow. The eggs are so fresh you have to wait a week before you can hard boil them! We bake fresh fruit and pecan pies and lots of gluten free goodies to bring to market.

We value our plants, our animals, our environment, great food, great relationships, our community, and YOU.

CNG certified!  CNG – Certified Naturally Grown. (No chemicals are used before, during, or after growing food, or caring for the animals.)

Snacking Tomatoes

Walker Farm

Hello! Just a short introduction to us and our farm. First, we are the Walker’s, George and Jinx. We have lived in Mineral county for 48 years. Our farm, The Walker Farm, is located between Ft. Ashby and Keyser, WV in Mineral county. We have always been avid gardeners, but until we retired could never devote the time and attention to gardening that was needed. We began high tunnel farming in 2017 after participating in the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) to purchase a high tunnel. The high tunnel helps us control the environment to some degree while still allowing for natural pollination. We use organic methods and are proud to offer lettuce, spinach, greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, squash and beans. We, also, offer homemade jellies and jams.


Shine On Glass

Locally made, handmade glass art.

image: 2995

Peasants Parcel Logo

Peasant Parcel

Peasant’s  Parcel is a Mushroom Farm located in Hampshire County, WV. We sell a variety of culinary and medicinal mushrooms including many Oyster varieties, and Lion’s Mane. We grow seasonal varieties with a focus on sustainability. We provide fresh mushrooms for you to enjoy this week, and dried mushrooms you can use store for a year. We also sell Grow Kits which allow you to see how mushroom grow in your own home! Peasant’s Parcel is owned by a first generation female farmer from West Virginia. We love growing good food for our neighbors!

Jalapeno Peppers

Second Chance Farm

Locally grown produce.

CNG certified!  CNG – Certified Naturally Grown. (No chemicals are used before, during, or after growing food.)

Kindness Matters

Hello to Happy Farmers Market Customers.

My name is Carolyn Ross.

Sara and Ted invited my to participate in www.happyfarmersmarket.com .

I make homemade natural soap and some bakery products.

Making soap was my therapy for moving past grief when

my son suddenly passed away shortly after my mom.

I named my business after Matthew 39 – favorite saying

“in the end ~ only kindness matters” from the Jewel song “Hands”.

Www.kindnessmatterssoaps.com is the website but same soaps are

better value here on happyfarmersmarket.com. I invite you to try them.

Be safe and happy in the days ahead. And Thank you for your patronage.

With loving kindness,


Boxed B Ranch

We are a small farm in Maysville, WV. We are two disabled vets providing local high quality meat to the community.

We discovered Beefalo when looking for a meat to help a relative with high cholesterol.  We read about it, sampled, it, and thought Beefalo was amazing.  We decided to share this delicious product with our friends and family in the community.

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